Highway Pursuit


Destroy your enemies in a car race


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Highway Pursuit is an updated version of the classic Spy Hunter, a video game from way back that has become one of the great classics of the car racing genre.

The game's objective is very simple: you need to race while shooting at your enemies from your car, and avoiding crashing into anyone. Just be careful not to shoot at the cars that aren't driven by your enemies, because they'll turn on you.

The game plays out on a road that travels through different countrysides and weather conditions in which you'll need to adapt your driving to make sure you don't crash against any obstacles.

Highway Pursuit has an attractive graphic environment and includes some really well-done sound effects that will fully immerse you into the game.

Controls, game options, and level of difficulty are all modifiable. The game also includes a High Score table where you can record your best scores.
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